About Us
Hello. I am Janiene. Please learn a little about us and how we can help you and those you care about.

Healing from trauma is a courageous act. When suffering from a trauma most people feel isolated and cannot relate to their family or experience the joys being connected with others. I am a compassionate therapist and provide a safe atmosphere that honors my client's unique journey toward healing. Trauma can arise from child abuse/neglect, sexual assault, intentional violence, war, motor vehicle accidents, partner battery and natural disasters. Working in collaboration together, we will find the way through the trauma and reframe it as a challenge, pain as awareness and growth and the future as opportunity.

My practice is also centered on treating adults and adolescents. Supporting them to discover and maintain their strong sense of self-identity, I help them address family of origin issues. My clients become emotionally stable, freed from depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.

With this stability, transitions which may have appeared difficult in the past, now become manageable, which strengthens individuals and all members of their family. Confidence, self-esteem and self-worth will grow allowing the individual to find the freedom they desire to live a fulfilling life.


Over 20 years of Clinical Social Work experience with youth and family therapy/advocacy, and group creation

Masters of Social Work, Portland State University, graduated 2001. License #: L5463

Juris Doctor, Hamline University School of Law, St. Paul, MN, graduated 1995. Experience as a family/divorce mediator and legal advocate.

Bachelor of Science, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, May 1975. Extensive experience providing services to youth and families as a special education teacher for 21 years.